The Secrets to Staging a Bathroom For Sale

bathroom staging

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,” and there’s no denying it’s true. Bathrooms are one of the most prominent features in a home, which is why staging them is so important. We’ve compiled some of the most impactful and easy bathroom staging tips you can use to increase your home’s value and make it irresistible to buyers.

How To Stage a Bathroom?

When staging a bathroom to sell your home, you could utilize every tip in the book, but if it’s dirty, buyers will run away. The single most important step is making sure every bathroom is clean. We get it; when you’re looking for staging tips, cleaning may not be what you had in mind. While this step may not be the most glamorous, it sets the stage for the rest. Modern bathroom staging is all about showing the possibilities of each space, and starting with a clean slate is how it’s done. You want to start from the top down, making sure you don’t skip anything.

Step 1 – Dust and Wipe Down

Yes, bathrooms can get dusty, too, so you want to make sure you wipe them down thoroughly. Be sure to get any dust or cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling and wall, and make sure the crown moldings are clean. Using a Swiffer or rag, dry mop the walls; you’d be surprised how much dust they accumulate over time.

Step 2 – Focus on the Fixtures

Bathroom staging is about highlighting all the beautiful features in the space, including the fixtures. To make them stand out, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to remove any water stains, toothpaste, buildup, and fingerprints. Making sure the fixtures are clean is especially important when staging a small bathroom. You want to make sure everything shines to impress potential buyers.

Step 3 – Don’t Forget the Hard-to-See Places

Bathrooms are notorious for sneaky, hard-to-reach areas that are hard to clean and can make them feel grimy. You could have the most beautiful bathroom staging decor, but if the space still feels dirty, it won’t matter. Pay attention to areas like the base of the toilet, shower surrounds, and under the cabinets. Keeping these spaces shining will make the bathroom look and smell fresh.

Bathroom Staging Tips for For Effective Staging

Once your bathroom is clean, it’s time to make sure there isn’t anything that could be a red flag for potential buyers. No one wants to purchase a home that looks like it will cost them money in repairs, so making sure the bathrooms are well maintained is crucial. Before you begin staging your bathroom to sell your home, walk through it and see if you need to make any repairs. You could even have a friend or family member walk through and see if they can spot anything that would be of concern to buyers. Remember, you’ll be taking bathroom pictures, so you don’t want chipped tiles or worn floors taking away from your home’s beauty. While it may cost a bit upfront, making the necessary repairs before staging your bathroom will help you get top dollar for your home. If you notice the floors are peeling or warping, you may consider refinishing or redoing them altogether. Instead of retiling the shower or bath, you could consider getting a wrap panel. These easy-to-install tile alternatives are great for staging bathroom on a budget, plus they look beautiful. Whether you’re staging a guest bathroom or staging a master bathroom, you’ll want to remove any broken furniture and make sure all fixtures function correctly. Making sure that the space is well-maintained and everything works as it should is one of the most effective staging tips for selling your home quickly.

1. Make the Colors Neutral and Relaxing

Staging a bathroom for home sale is all about making the space feel welcoming and inviting. While it can be tempting to use bright or bold colors, you’ll want to stick to more natural colors instead. With staging bathroom color pallets should be on the lighter side to promote relaxation and rest. You want the space to feel spa-like, where potential buyers can come to unwind and leave the world behind. This concept goes beyond just the wall color; bringing neutral colors into all aspects of the bathroom is key. When staging bathroom towels, choose bright whites to mimic spas and hotels and avoid bright patterns or mismatched sets. Staging a bathroom counter is similar; while you can use a pop of color with flowers or a candle, avoid overcluttering with pictures or personal care items. Remember, staging a bathroom to sell should be about appealing to a broad audience. You don’t want to make it too personal or taste-specific. The more neutral the tones, the easier it is for potential buyers to picture themselves in the space.

2. Remove Any Personal Items

Personal items make your home feel like your safe space, but when it’s time to sell, they can distract buyers. When you’re staging a bathroom for sale, you want to take down anything personal for a clean slate. When staging a bathroom for photos, you don’t want buyers to see makeup, combs, or toothbrushes; you want them to see the beauty of your bathroom. Decluttering is one of our top staging ideas that may seem small, but can have a huge impact. Start in the master and work your way to the guest bathrooms. Master bathroom staging is arguably the most important since the buyers will use this space the most. Start with any hanging pictures and take down any family photos or super specific sayings. Don’t forget to focus on bathroom vanity staging, since this area can be a huge selling point. When staging a bathroom vanity, you can include a few props like clear containers neatly arranged with Q-tips or cotton swabs, but avoid letting the area feel too cluttered with personal items. Place feminine hygiene items inside a closed cabinet or drawer, and hide away razors, first aid, and any other daily care items. It’s okay to keep out hand soap next to the sink or a few thoughtfully placed decor items when staging master bathroom; just don’t go overboard. Remember, potential buyers often use bathroom staging photos to decide whether or not they want to tour a home, so making sure they showcase the space’s potential is essential.

3. Proper Bathroom Lighting

Have you ever walked into a dimly lit room and immediately wanted to leave? That’s how potential buyers could feel in your bathroom if your lighting isn’t right. Bathroom home staging is most effective when the buyers can see it, so you need to make sure to update your lighting. Bathrooms should be as bright as possible, so forego the warm tones and stick to bright white LEDs. When looking for small bathroom ideas, consider adding sconces or recessed lighting. Changing the lighting is one of the easiest ways to get dramatic bathroom staging before and after that will attract the most buyers. Finally, take some time to make sure there’s no bulbs out and that all the switches work.

Before Posting Your Bathroom Staging Photos

Now that we’ve established that staging bathroom for sale is a great way to help market your home, there are a few tips you should follow before posting your photos. While there are many master bathroom staging ideas you can use, you’ll want to make sure to implement all of the ones on this final checklist.

Home Staging Bathroom Final Checklist

  • Did you clean your bathroom thoroughly?
  • Do all fixtures work properly?
  • Do you need to replace the toilet seat or the toilet?
  • Is the room free of soap scum and dirt?
  • Is the flooring in good condition?
  • Do all ceiling fans work correctly?
  • Do the cabinets need to be tightened or repaired?
  • Do the sinks run well without leaking?
  • Has the shower curtain been replaced?
  • Is the grout in good, clean condition?
  • Have you let in fresh air, if possible?

This final checklist will pull together all of the staging bathroom ideas and make sure the space looks great for buyers.

Bathroom staging is an important part of selling your home. Taking time to make sure the bathrooms are in great shape, without personal items, will draw buyers in and make your home irresistible.

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