Outdoor Staging Ideas: Make Your Home Stand out From the Rest

outdoor staging

When you want to make your home stand out from the rest, there’s one secret experts know makes all the difference: staging. Creating a beautiful, inviting space for potential buyers makes it easier for them to picture themselves living there, helping you score a faster sale. While it’s common for people to invest their time and money in indoor staging, you’re not taking full advantage of your home’s possibilities if you stop there. Outdoor staging takes your property to the next level.

Potential buyers want a home that maximizes square footage, and you can do that by showing them how to use their outdoor garden. Creating a welcoming interior and exterior will draw buyers in, making it irresistible. Keep reading to learn some of the best outdoor staging ideas you can use to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Outdoor Staging Tips

Staging outdoor spaces is only effective if the area is clean and inviting. If it’s dirty, buyers won’t want to spend time there, so giving all your outdoor living areas a deep cleaning is your first step. Start by pressure washing all surfaces, including furniture, patios, and water-resistant decor. This step removes dirt, mildew, mold, and insects. You’ll also want to remove any weeds that are growing in your flower beds, between pavers, and along walkways. For a pop of color, you can plant flowers and finish them with mulch, rock, or pine needles. Flowers are an inexpensive way to give your home a facelift and attract buyers.

1. Declutter and Remove Anything Personal

Instead of paying for expensive outdoor staging services, you can make your home’s exterior look great by decluttering unnecessary items. Just like in the interior, if your home’s outdoor living spaces are packed with stuff, they’ll turn away buyers. You want it to feel open and large so buyers can picture themselves using the space. They should be able to see themselves grilling, playing with their kids, or spending time with friends. Take out all unnecessary furniture and decor, leaving only a few items to make it feel welcoming. You’ll also want to remove personal belongings to make it easier for potential buyers to picture their lives in the home. Outdoor home staging is about selling a lifestyle, so take some time to determine what that looks like so you can bring it to life.

2. Enhance the Landscape

Don’t underestimate the power of landscaping when selling a home. You could have two identical properties, but if one has beautiful curb appeal, buyers will almost always choose it first. While landscaping can be expensive, there are a few changes you can do yourself that make a big impact for less. Adding a cobblestone walkway creates a whimsical feel in your garden and helps protect your plants. Speaking of foliage, outdoor plant staging is a great way to add life to the home. You could add a fountain or small pond and place flowers and bushes around it for a beautiful water feature. Don’t forget about lighting. Hanging fairy or Edison string lights makes any space feel magical. You can also use solar lamps to illuminate pathways and showcase the size of the front or backyard. Create fun aspects to your outdoor garden staging by placing one or two figurines to catch the eye. Making the home’s exterior stand out doesn’t have to be boring; you can have fun with it. If you’re planning on renting the property, this step is an excellent way to add value. Outdoor staging rental properties makes renters feel appreciated and increases the chances that they’ll treat the home with respect.

3. Include Outdoor Seating

One of the reasons buyers look for a beautiful outdoor space is to host family and friends. Showing them how spacious the area is is crucial, and you can do that with outdoor seating. Whether it’s a small or large space, creating a place for entertaining is key. Outdoor table staging is a great place to start. You can set the table or use decor like lamps and plants for an impactful tablescape. If there’s room, you can make a few seating options to showcase the patio’s versatility. You want the home’s exterior to feel pleasant and make it easy for potential buyers to picture hosting birthday parties, anniversaries, barbeques, and get-togethers. By showing them how many family and friends the space can hold, you’ll make the home the perfect choice for creating lasting memories.

Outdoor Staging Takeaways

Outdoor staging shouldn’t be an afterthought; it has the potential to add so much to your home. Creating a space that potential buyers will love adds value and makes the property stand out. Be sure to start by cleaning the entire exterior thoroughly, so there’s no dirt, mold, or mildew. Remove all weeds and add color with flowers. Remove clutter and personal items and enhance the landscape with unique features. Finally, showcase the outdoor lifestyle with seating as the perfect finishing touch. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to outdoor staging!

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