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With the rise in popularity of shows like House Hunters, the concept of home staging is taking the world by storm. Creating a welcoming space for potential buyers is an excellent way to boost interest in a property and help ensure a quick sale. While many people are familiar with staging a home for sale, the process and cost can be confusing. Fortunately, we’ve created a home staging guide outlining everything you need to know, from the price to exciting alternatives that will help you sell your home fast!

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a powerful marketing strategy involving arranging furniture and decor within a space to attract a target audience. When a home is listed for sale, the goal is to inspire potential buyers to love the property. Staging a home brings out the best features in each room. It minimizes flaws while highlighting areas buyers find attractive. When done correctly, interior home staging can increase a property’s value and help ensure the fastest sale possible.

Staging your home to sell isn’t as simple as adding a few new pieces of furniture; it involves understanding a room’s flow and working with its architecture. Simply adding a lamp or couch isn’t enough; you need a keen understanding of what buyers are looking for.

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

The home staging cost can vary depending on the amount of furniture you need and the company you use. The average cost of staging a home is between $1,000 and $3,000. Many home staging companies charge $1,500 for the initial consultation, one day of staging, and the use of your existing furniture and decor. However, with home staging furniture and space redesigning is extra, and you can expect to pay $10,000 or more. Due to its high price, many find home staging unaffordable. Fortunately, another option – virtual home staging – offers all the benefits without the high price tag! For more information learn more about the cost of virtual staging.

Budget-Friendly Home Staging Ideas

If the cost of staging a home is out of your budget, there are ways you can create an inviting space yourself. You don’t need to purchase professional home staging to create a welcoming space for buyers. Let’s take a closer look at budget-friendly ways to make your home irresistible to buyers.

Deep Clean Your House

The first (and arguably most important) step when staging home for sale is ensuring it’s clean. Many homeowners get used to the messes in their homes, but for potential buyers, these areas are eye sores. When placing a home on the market, most buyers clean it at a surface level. They make sure there isn’t any trash, noticeable dust, or odors. While this is a great first step, if you stop there, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

As you live in your home, you get used to the odors, dirt, and clutter that accumulate. It becomes hard to see the space as it really is. One option is to have someone who isn’t in the space often visit and tell you if they notice any bad smells or areas that need cleaning. You always want to start from the ceiling and work your way down; a dry mop is a great tool to remove dust that is present but not clearly visible. You especially want to dust if there are pets in the home. Don’t forget to wipe baseboards, fans, and other flat surfaces like pictures and decor.

Even if you’re planning to purchase home staging services, deep cleaning is a necessary step.

Remove Any Clutter

Once your home is clean and fresh, it’s time to get rid of all unnecessary clutter. When a potential buyer enters a property, they need to picture themselves living in the space. If your home is cluttered, it will distract them and make them lose interest. Begin by walking through each room and picking up anything that doesn’t have a specific home. These items can be clothes, magazines, and toys. Your goal is to get rid of anything personal that can distract a buyer so they can picture themself in the space.

When choosing furniture for home staging, don’t go overboard; remember, simple is better. It’s tempting to think that adding more furniture will make the room feel larger, but it actually closes it in. Sticking to a few staple pieces will make the space feel bigger and help buyers focus on the natural beauty of the home.

Don’t forget to declutter cabinets and closets; buyers will definitely look in these areas as they walk through the home. If there is a ton of stuff shoved into these spaces, it makes it appear like your home doesn’t have enough storage. If getting rid of your belongings is a bit of a challenge, you can rent a POD or storage unit to store everything in until your home is sold. It’s also the perfect way to jumpstart packing!

Give The Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

Another low-cost way to freshen your home is to paint the walls. This step is even more important if you use bright or bold colors since they distract buyers. The goal of home staging is to create a space where buyers feel comfortable and can picture starting a life. You want to create a blank space where they can place their belongings and make it their own. While some buyers may love seeing red, blue, or pink walls, others may find it hard to see past. Even more, they could see painting the walls themselves as a project and additional expense, which could turn them off to the property. If you’re unsure what color to choose, consider looking at home staging pictures for inspiration.

Choosing a neutral color for the walls will make your home seem larger and brighter. Dark colors enclose a space and make it feel cramped, while lighter colors open it up. You want your home to have as much natural light as possible, and light walls do an excellent job illuminating a space. Plus, freshly painted walls make each room smell fresh, as it can eliminate pesky lingering odors. Walls are porous, and over the years, they absorb odors from cooking, pets, and more. Paint covers and seals stuck in smells for a “new build” sensation. New paint doesn’t only make your home smell good, it adds freshness and vibrancy. As time goes by, your walls fade, especially if they are in direct sunlight and a fresh coat of paint can make the space feel brand new!

One of the best reasons to paint your walls is to hide imperfections that naturally happen over time. Crayons drawings, nails holes, scuff marks, and chips are only some of the damage walls encounter. Before you start painting, be sure to wipe down the walls and fill in holes to ensure there is a smooth surface. You can even wipe them with warm soapy water to make sure they’re perfectly clean. investing in a high-quality 2-in-1 primer will save you time and money and be sure to tape the ceilings and windows for a crisp, clean finish.

Consider Refurbishing or Repacing Your Floors

Refurbishing or replacing your floors may be the best choice if they are in super bad condition.
While this option is more expensive, it can help you recoup thousands of dollars on your home sale. If a buyer walks into a property and sees the floors are in bad condition, they will immediately see dollar signs. You don’t want to advertise that the property needs work. Additionally, worn-out or damaged floors can act as a red flag for buyers. While the remainder of your home may be in excellent condition, they will begin looking for other areas that are damaged or require fixing. If they start with a mindset that your home requires work, they are either going to look elsewhere or offer a lower price.

While flooring is often expensive, with some options costing $20+ per square foot, there are affordable alternatives. Hardwood refurbishing ranges from $1,000 to around $5,000 depending on the damage, material, and total square footage. If you don’t have the budget for real wood flooring, laminate and vinyl are great high-quality option. In fact, alot of buyers prefer these floorings since they won’t scratch easily and resist water. You also don;t have to worry about refinishing them, since they’re more durable than hardwood. Laminate flooring can cost between $2.50 and $5.00 for a square foot, while vinyl starts at only $1.00.

Carpet is another great money-saving option, but you may want to avoid putting it throughout your home and stick to the bedrooms. In humid areas like Florida, carpet can quickly become mildewy, so it’s not the most common flooring choice. In Northern states, however, carpet can add warmth and coziness to your home, without the worry hardwood floors bring.

Refurbishing your existing floors not only saves you money, but its great for the planet and helps retain your home’s original charm. For many buyers, original wood floors are a huge selling point, and can help you get top dollar. It’s not uncommon for luxury home staging companies to position furniture in a way that highlights the beauty of these floors.You can rent industrial-grade sanders and do the floors yourself or hire a company for about half the cost of choosing a replacement. When picking a color, consider the architecture and design of the home and stay as true as possible to its “bones.” The flooring should accentuate the property, not distract from it while acting as a neutral background.

Staging your home to sell

Give Each Room Its Own Identity While Staging a Home

Giving each room its own identity is an easy way to add charm to your home. Interior home staging is all about catching the buyer’s attention and creating an unforgettable space. If every room looks and feels the same, the property will come off as bland, and buyers won’t remember it. Let’s explore home staging tips you can incorporate to make each room stand out.

Living Room

The living room is where families gather to spend time together, unwind, and create memories. You want this space to be inviting and cozy with a welcoming feel. Consider adding subtle touches like a game table and soft throw blankets. It’s important to create a space that draws in buyers. They should be able to picture their lives there, and want to spend time creating memories with family and friends. Warm-tone bulbs give that “welcome home” feel.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are another gathering place for families and you want to keep it as spacious as possible. Depending on the size of the room, stick with a table and chairs and a buffet or credenza but avoid packing it with too much furniture. You can also set the table with a simple tablescape to show what the space looks like when it’s ready to use. Avoid overly complicated decor or fake food; you want it to look classy and simplistic.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most important selling points for buyers. While many prefer a recently updated space, even older kitchens can look beautiful when staged correctly. You want to keep it simple and bright, avoiding placing too many items on the counters. Stick to bright white lights in the kitchen to make it appear larger. You can add fresh flowers and fruit like lemons as decor, but always remove used linens and sponges. The kitchen must be as clean as possible, so always wipe down appliances, cabinets, floors, and countertops. A splash of color works well in a kitchen as long as it isn’t overpowering.


Keep the bedrooms simple but relaxing. The main bedroom should feel luxurious and inviting, which you can do through the linens and wall coverings. Strive to create an escape where the buyer can go after a long day and unwind. Adding mirrors is a great way to make smaller rooms feel larger, while minimal furniture will keep it light and airy. Open blinds and let plenty of light in, and use warm-tone bulbs.


Hallways are often overlooked during staging, but they have the potential to impress buyers. Attention to detail in smaller spaces sends the impression that the home is loved and cared for. Consider adding a table with minimal decor or a rug runner for color. You can also hang pictures, but avoid personal photos of your family.

Exterior Home Staging

Many homeowners, when searching for home staging companies near me, find companies that focus solely on the home’s interior. If you stop here, you’re missing out on huge profit potential. Exterior home staging is just as important as interior since it’s the first thing potential buyers see when they visit the property. Curb appeal goes a long way in helping you sell your home. You want to ensure the property is well cared for and free from any visible damage. Keep the grass mowed and the landscape trimmed and neat. If there is any chipped or peeling paint, touch it up and replace any damaged light fixtures. One easy but impactful way to increase curb appeal is painting the front door. You can also pressure wash your home to remove any dirt and grime. Finally, setting up patio furniture will help the buyer picture the property’s potential and make it more inviting.

How Virtual Home Staging Works

Virtual home staging, or digital home staging, is an easy and affordable alternative to traditional staging. Virtual home staging companies use photos of your home to insert furniture, change wall colors, and more, creating breathtaking results. These home staging images are then added to the online listing, where buyers can see its full potential. You don’t have to worry about searching for home staging near me; you can simply send in your pictures and receive results in as little as 24 hours! With virtual home staging, you can even create exterior images, move walls, and more, all for a fraction of the price of traditional home staging.

Virtual HomeZen offers virtual staging solutions that breathe new life into your listing. Our high-quality images fit seamlessly into any space, creating beautiful results buyers love. We use the most advanced virtual home staging software to digitally decorate and furnish your home. Our affordable services start at only $2 and include:

  • Virtual staging
  • Item removal
  • Floor change
  • Day to dusk
  • Change interior/ exterior wall
  • Change landscape
  • Add pool
  • Image enhancement
  • Virtual renovation
  • 3D architectural rendering
  • 360 Virtual renovation
  • And more!


When staging a home to sell, experience the difference virtual home staging can make for your home with Virtual HomeZen.


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