What is Virtual Home Staging

what is virtual staging

The real estate market is highly competitive, requiring sellers to put extra effort into making their homes stand out from the rest. For decades, home staging was the go-to method for creating an inviting space, where thoughtfully chosen furniture pieces were placed around the home, making it easier for potential buyers to envision the property’s potential. However, thanks in part to the pandemic, the market is moving away from traditional home staging toward technologically advanced virtual staging.

Virtual staging uses digital furniture and designs to create a realistic photograph of a fully furnished home. On average, staged homes sell 86% faster than their non-staged competitors. They also generate up to 10% higher sales prices, making staging a profitable investment. Unlike traditional staging methods, where a company brings furniture into the property, virtual staging is digital, with hyper-realistic images added into photographs of each room. While many think of virtual staging as simply adding furnishings, many additional virtual staging services exist. These can include:

  • Adding and removing existing decor and furniture
  • Enhancing and editing lighting
  • Changing interior and exterior trim, cabinet, and wall colors
  • Applying light filters to the exterior of the property
  • Altering floors and ceilings
  • Modifying landscapes

Not only is this method more cost-effective, it’s also faster and more convenient. Virtual staging provides an accurate visualization of the size of each room, which can be challenging for buyers to picture in an empty space. At Virtual Homezen, our hyper-realistic virtual staging enhances your listing, bringing it to life. We use cutting-edge technology to create seamless, realistic results that turn heads. How does virtual staging work? We’ll explore the concept in more detail below.

what is virtual home staging

Why Use Virtual Staging to Create a Virtual Gallery?

The real estate market has transformed considerably over the past thirty years. Once, you would have to wait for the weekly paper to view a small picture of all homes on the market; then, as the internet grew, buyers could search for homes online, looking at dozens of pictures at a time. Now, it is possible to tour homes virtually, walking through them as if you were there in person. Virtual staging takes advantage of these 3D advancements, creating an interactive virtual gallery for buyers.

Since the entire process is digital, adding design elements that complement the property is easy. You can highlight any structural or architectural details that add value with the click of a button. The buyer can virtually tour the interior and exterior of the property, viewing it in ideal conditions to make it look more appealing. For example, it’s easy to stage a living room to look modern and chic or cozy and rustic by adjusting the decor and furniture. If you feel that certain elements don’t work, you can simply remove them and add something else. There’s no driving back to a warehouse to find the perfect lamp or struggling to move heavy couches. An entire home can be virtually staged in a fraction of the time and energy of traditional staging.

Why is a Realistic Product so Important?

Staging properties is the most common tool realtors use to ensure a quick sale. Choosing beautiful decor makes the home stand out and attracts potential buyers. As beneficial as virtual staging is, if the images are poor quality, it can actually be a hindrance instead of an asset. Choosing a virtual staging company like Virtual HomeZen, with the experience and expertise to produce high-quality images, is key to increasing your listing’s value. Grainy and blurry furniture and poorly placed decor can distract from the home and turn buyers off.

Everything, from photos and lamps to rugs and furniture, must be seamlessly added so they look like they are a part of the room rather than an image placed haphazardly. Lighting and colors also play a huge role in a successfully staged property. Adding ambiance to the home can make it more inviting and create a cozy feel that buyers love. Additionally, virtual stagers can change a room’s color palette to invoke emotions. For example, in the master bedroom, they can use blues and greens to promote a feeling of calm, while bold colors could be used in the living and dining room to make a statement.

How Home Decor Trends Play a Role in Staging

One of the biggest benefits virtual staging offers is the ability to capitalize on current home decor trends. Just like fashion, home decor trends go in and out of style, and keeping up with that as a seller can be a challenge. Virtual stagers work tirelessly, evaluating the market and keeping up with the latest trends. They use this information to create a virtually staged property that looks fresh and mirrors popular design choices. Having the ability to match these trends means your listing can look updated and stylish without spending thousands changing the furniture and decor.

What is Virtual Staging in Real Estate?

Virtual staging is changing real estate as we know it. Where it would once take a team of stagers days to set up a fully furnished space, virtual stagers can do it in a fraction of the time. Sellers no longer have to worry about the added cost and inconvenience of maintaining a staged home; they can continue living with their current furniture or move to their new home without worry. Realtors love virtual staging as well since it makes their properties more attractive to potential buyers, helping them sell faster and often for more than they would have with an empty space. When it comes to the real estate market, virtual staging is changing the game, transforming how realtors and their clients approach buying and selling.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?

Not only is virtual staging an easy way to create a dramatic and stunning look for any home, it is significantly less expensive than traditional staging methods. On average, physical staging can
cost from $700 to over $6,000, depending on where you live. This high expenditure cuts into the profits and steals your client’s equity. Alternatively, virtual staging starts at only $39. This price includes hyper-realistic images that captivate buyers and bring your listing to life.

With virtual staging, you can create a stunning whole-home design with optional 3D renderings that make your listing stand out and highlight the details buyers seek. You don’t have to pay a lot to receive dramatic and vivid results that can cut a property’s sale time by up to 73%.

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

Virtual staging is easy and only requires minimal effort. To start, you only want to use high-quality photos of each room to ensure the end results are clear and realistic. While hiring a professional photographer isn’t required, it is highly recommended. Once you’ve chosen your photos, you then upload them to our Virtual Staging Platform. Next, select a style and place your order. That’s it! Within around 24 hours, you will receive stunning, high-quality pictures showcasing your listing.

what is virtual staging in real estate

Virtual Staging FAQs

Does it Work on Outdoor Staging?

Yes! Virtual staging is an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Virtual stagers can add outdoor furniture, lighting, landscaping, and even a pool to create an eye-catching and inviting area that potential buyers will adore.

How Long Does it Take?

Virtual staging is all about efficiency and creating quality results quickly. In general, most clients can expect delivery within 24 hours of their order, allowing them to list their properties faster. Occasionally, some orders can take up to 48 hours for delivery, depending on their size and complexity.

What if I don’t like the Photos?

If, for some reason, you’re unhappy with your photos, Virtual HomeZen is happy to offer free revisions to ensure they meet your full expectations.

Can Anyone Use Virtual Staging?

Yes, virtual staging is an excellent solution for anyone looking to sell a property. Whether you’re a realtor, investor, or a homeowner, virtual staging can help turn your “for sale” to “sold!”

Virtual HomeZen is dedicated to providing ultra-high quality, hyper-realistic virtual staging to every client. We offer a wide range of services, including virtual staging, item removal, interior and exterior wall changes, floor changes, landscape modifications, day to dusk, pool additions, 360 virtual staging, 3D architectural rendering, virtual renovation, and image enhancement. Don’t let your listings sit stagnant; breathe new life into them with realistic virtual staging that fits any home. Virtual HomeZen, where imagination meets reality.


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