Ultimate Guide to Staging a Home Office

Office Staging

A home office is a major selling feature in any property, as many buyers work remotely. Having a dedicated area to pay bills, do homework, and perform daily tasks makes life easier and more enjoyable. While there’s no doubt that a home office is a great asset, you must stage it correctly to reach its full potential. The same goes for commercial office staging; tenants must feel inspired to choose your property. Whether you’re focusing on commercial or home office staging, ensure it highlights the versatility of the space and creates a motivational atmosphere. The buyer or tenant must visualize happily working in their office for a fast, top-dollar sale. Whether you’re researching office staging companies or planning on staging yourself, this guide will help you create a beautiful, eye-catching office buyers will adore.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Home Office Staging

The process of home staging a client’s office isn’t just about making it look “good.” You want the space to appear functional so the buyer can envision sitting down and being productive. The key is to design an office as though the client will use it. That means including items like a computer, keyboard, desk, chair, lamps, and books. It also means avoiding unnecessary decor that doesn’t fit the space. Sticking with a simple, uncomplicated design will let the room speak for itself.

Working Around Essential Office Furniture

Staging an office in a commercial space is often trickier than traditional home staging since you can encounter unattractive yet essential furniture. Unlike staging a home office, many buildings have older furniture in place that you must work around. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to modernize and warm up even the most bland spaces.

Add Greenery

In an office, a little greenery goes a long way. Not only does it add a pop of much-needed color, but it can lift the mood and increase productivity. Like office staging ideas, don’t overdo it. Minimalization is the goal.

Embrace It

Essential furniture is just that, essential, so embracing it can make the process far more enjoyable. While you may have more flexibility when staging a home office, viewing the existing furniture as an asset can help you be more creative. Use it as a selling point, highlighting the room’s versatility and spaciousness. Your client knows office furniture and equipment aren’t always pretty, and they’re okay with that.

Finding the Right Spot for Your Office Desk

Whether you’re staging a small office or a large commercial space, choosing the right spot for your office desk is essential. You want to place the desk where the lighting is best. Buyers appreciate well-lit areas since it makes the room look cleaner, functional, larger, and more inviting. If possible, place the desk in the center of the room to encourage symmetry; you don’t want it pushed against a corner like an afterthought. This placement can also make the space feel larger. You may have to play around with different locations and positions to find one that flows best and keeps the room open.

commercial office staging

Personalize Your Office Space

Unlike regular home staging office spaces are generally more simplistic. However, adding personalized decor can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that attracts buyers. Consider hanging framed art with pops of color or soothing landscapes on the wall. Clocks are another inexpensive yet eye-catching addition. Many clients appreciate sculptures that elevate the space and add artistic whimsy. An easy decor idea is to bring books and bookshelf into the office since they are functional and add warmth. As we mentioned earlier, adding plants, whether flowers or small shrubbery, livens the space and makes it feel more homey.

Home Office Staging Ideas & Tips

If you’re looking for home office staging ideas to make your space more inviting, check out these tips below.

Hide the Wires

Wires are unavoidable in a home office, but that doesn’t mean you have to look at them. To disguise home office electronics wires home staging companies often use small trinket boxes or photo frames. You can cut a hole in the back of the box and weave the cords through or place them behind the frame for an easy fix.

Utilize Bookshelves

Staging bookshelves for office spaces doesn’t have to be complicated. Baskets are an attractive way to hide loose equipment and papers while keeping the room looking clean and organized. Avoid overpacking the shelves to maintain an open and airy feel.

Minimize Furniture

When staging a small office, avoid overpacking it with furniture. Stick to essential pieces like a desk and chair and add minimal accessories. For attractive storage and organization, you can add end tables that double as filing cabinets or dressers.

Prioritize Lighting

There’s nothing worse than working in a dark space, so incorporating proper lighting is key. Many office spaces lack windows, so choose daylight or bright white bulbs for maximum illumination.

Don’t Forget the Desk

Staging an office desk isn’t complicated, but you want to avoid overcrowding. Once you have the essential items like the computer and keyboard, you can begin adding accessories. Stick to one of two lamps, a pen holder, one or two picture frames, and one piece of greenery, depending on the desk’s size. The main goal is functionality, followed by aesthetics. Office staging doesn’t have to be complicated; you can create a beautiful and inviting space that buyers and tenants will love. Whether you’re staging home office or commercial space, these tips will ensure you receive top dollar on your listing.

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