Kitchen Staging 101

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s one of the most important places for staging. You may not think there’s much to do to get it ready to attract buyers, but staging a kitchen is one of the best ways to sell any property. If you’re new to the concept, you may wonder, “What is staging in a kitchen?” The answer is simple: it’s preparing your kitchen for potential buyers by making it look its best. Whether you’re staging for photos or getting it ready for an open house, there’s no doubt that staging is the best way to make your home look beautiful. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you can take to make your kitchen stand out, as well as some of the top kitchen staging tips used by professionals.

How to Stage a Kitchen For a Photoshoot

When you think of photoshoots, you make picture runway models or family portraits. However, when you’re selling your home, staging a kitchen for a photoshoot is par for the course. It doesn’t have to be completed, simple kitchen staging can have a powerful effect. One of the best parts about staging your kitchen to sell is that you can do the majority of the work for little to no cost. Whether you’re staging a large kitchen or staging a small kitchen, you can make it look beautiful and attractive for potential buyers. Check out these kitchen staging ideas to make your home look its best.

Start By Decluttering

By far, kitchens tend to gather the most clutter in the home. They’re like a magnet for gadgets and accessories. Plus, most people have the dreaded junk drawer where they throw everything they can’t find a home for. While the clutter isn’t a big deal while you’re living in the space, it can spell disaster for potential buyers. Kitchen home staging is very impactful, but it does take effort to clean out years of accumulated items. It’s especially important for your countertops. Since it’s the main area buyers see, staging kitchen counters can make it look incredible. Here are a few decluttering tips to keep in mind.

If You Don’t Use It, Lose It

One of the best mantras you can live by when staging for sale is if you don’t use something, lose it. It can be hard to get rid of kitchen gadgets (that’s why they build up in the first place), but now’s the time to get serious with yourself. Keep in mind you’re staging your kitchen for photos and for potential buyers, so you want it to look as large as possible. Start with the items you can see and, if you use them, find a home in a cabinet that’s out of sight. Of course, you may need to empty your cabinets first to make room, but that’s okay; it’s a process. Depending on your timeframe, you may be staging your kitchen to sell quickly, which can make this step a bit more challenging.

Get Rid of Duplicates

When it comes to staging kitchen areas are known for having duplicate items. You’ll probably be able to get rid of a large number of items just by donating duplicates. Things you don’t want to get rid of can double as staging props for kitchen counters or as decor.

Be Selective

If you’re not used to getting rid of items, decluttering can be hard. However, being selective is a simple kitchen staging hack that really works. This tip works really well, especially when staging older kitchen and bath since these spaces tend to look dingier and less modern.

Staging a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a highly sought-after feature in any home, so you want yours to stand out. Staging a kitchen island lets it shine and draws in buyers. There’s a few top staging ideas for kitchen islands you can use to make it look great quickly.

Keep it Clean

A clean kitchen is essential when selling your home and lets potential buyers see its full potential. If you look up images of kitchen staging, you’ll notice they all seem to sparkle. The good news is that cleaning is free and makes a big impact, so it’s always one of the first things you should do.

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t go overboard with accessories when staging kitchen island. Keeping everything minimalistic lets buyers picture themselves in the space. You can add a bouquet of flowers or a candle, but you should limit it to one or two items.

Maximize Space

Kitchen islands are a great way to showcase your kitchen’s space. When taking kitchen staging photos, be sure to capture them from multiple angles. If your sink is in the island, place cleaning products in the cabinet below to keep a streamlined look and make the kitchen feel larger.

Kitchen Counter Staging Ideas

Staging a kitchen counter doesn’t have to be complicated; you just want to use the same tips as the rest of the kitchen. Many people feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to decorate for staging, but if you keep these tips in mind, your counters will look great.

Limit Appliances

Kitchen counter staging is all about highlighting the positives and distracting from the negatives. One way you can do that is by removing the majority of the appliances. While keeping a mixer, toaster, blender, etc., on the counter is great for real-life use, when it comes to staging, it can look cluttered. Clutter can appear messy, which can turn potential buyers off.

Use What You Have

Whether you’re staging a big kitchen or a small one, using what you already have can save you money. Staging in a kitchen is about letting buyers picture themselves in the space, so minimalism is your best friend. A few kitchen staging decorating ideas include using cookbooks, storage containers, flowers, and candles. You want it to feel inviting without overdoing it.

When to Consider Bar Stools

If you’re looking for small kitchen ideas, bar stools are a great option. If you’re staging a kitchen with a island, bar stools show extra seating possibilities. They also convey well in kitchen staging pictures, which is another plus!

Making Your Kitchen Look Better With Strategic Lighting

When staging for open house or to ensure your photos look beautiful, lighting is key. Under cabinet lighting is a secret professionals use for staging kitchen counter or staging above kitchen cabinets. Not only does it make the room feel larger, but it makes it more welcoming. Lighting is also useful when staging a kitchen table. Kitchen table staging can be tricky since you want to show the seating possibilities without making the room feel smaller, but by adding overhead lighting kitchen table staging is easy.

What to Avoid When Staging a Kitchen for a Photoshoot

When it’s time for a photoshoot, staging kitchen cabinets and countertops is one of the most important steps. When staging a kitchen counter, avoid clutter and adding items that are too personal. For staging kitchen table, avoid overcomplicated place settings. For the island, maximize the space by keeping accessories simple and don’t keep cleaning products exposed.

Final Thoughts to Keep in Mind When Staging a Kitchen to Sell

Staging your kitchen to sell your house is an investment that will pay dividends. When it comes to kitchen table staging, or preparing your countertops, cabinets, and island, remember simplicity is key. You can save time by turning to Virtual HomeZen. At Virtual HomeZen, we create stunning virtual staging solutions for your home. We create top-quality images that are irresistible for buyers. Take the guesswork out of kitchen staging with photorealistic images from Virtual HomeZen.


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